Know Your Laundry Options When Cruising

Why do you need to know your laundry options when cruising? To begin with, you want to know if you  can do your own laundry, or must you use the ship’s laundry service. This can help you decide how much clothing you want to pack. If you are taking a seven to 14 day cruise you may not want to pack clothing for each day. You may want to pack light and wash what you have a few times during your cruise. So, what laundry services are available on shipboard and what do they cost?

Many of the cruise ships have self-service launderettes enabling cruisers to do their own washing and ironing. Costs are similar to doing clothes in a neighborhood laundromat. Launderettes are located on each cruise cabin floor, which gives passengers easy access from early morning to late evening.

Launderettes are equipped with 4-6 washers and the same number of dryers. They also have 2-4 ironing boards and irons. Some have a large sink for hand washing. You can purchase detergents and fabric softeners from dispensers. Tokens or key cards enable you to operate the machines.

Laundry options when cruising, image of washing machines

Ships That Offer Laundry Service in Lieu of Launderettes

Not all cruise ships have launderettes. Others offer a fee per garment laundry service. It is very convenient. In your cabin closet are paper laundry bags containing a check form listing items to be laundered and pressed and the cost associated with each item. After you fill out the cabin information you place it outside your cabin door, in the early evening. It will be picked up by your room steward,  and returned to your cabin within 1 to 2 days. Some cruise ships also offer dry cleaning services.

While having your laundry done for you seems like the way to go when you are cruising, there are drawbacks:

  • This can be costly when you are traveling with children who may require more than one change a day.
  • Extended trips, such as 14+ days can get expensive for anyone, even when taking advantage of laundry service discounts or special  laundry packages.

What Does Laundry Service Cost?

Here is a sample of the pricing for basic items of clothing. Most ships will not launder or dry clean specialty items such as wedding dresses or other formal wear.

Laundry options when cruising, a laundry service price list

Tips on Laundry Options When Cruising

  • Ask your travel agent about what laundry accommodations are available on your cruise ship.
  • Plan your clothes packing based on whether you will have self-service or ship laundry service.
  • If traveling on a luxury category cruise ship, your ship laundry service may be complementary.
  •  On a premium ship, there maybe discounted ship laundry packages that will reduce your costs.
  • Eliminate the cost of ship laundry service by booking a cruise offering a package, which that includes free laundry service.
  • Use on-board credit to reduce or eliminate the expense of ship laundry service.

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