MSC Seaside Kids Clubs Get an A+


A performance by MSC Seaside Kids Clubs Cruisers

The MSC Seaside is a family friendly and kid friendly cruise ship. The Seaside offers families, with young children and teens, state of the art recreational facilities throughout the ship. Additionally, cruisers 3-17 years have the option to join in the daily activities offered in the MSC Seaside Kids Clubs.

The MSC Seaside Kids Clubs are complementary recreation programs for young cruisers. Every day your children can join their new friends in one of the age-appropriate Kids Clubs. Each day there are new activities including, but not limited to, arts and crafts, sports, games, theater and technology, ship and pool parades and socializing with new friends.

Kids Clubs for children 3-11 open at 9 AM daily, and close at 11 PM. Clubs for 12-17 open at 10 AM and also close at 11 PM. The clubs are closed from 1-4 PM for children to join their parents for lunch and family activities, and again from 6 to 8 PM for dinner with family. You can come together as a family to share activities outside the Clubs, such as water slides, swimming, and bowling to name a few. After lunch, and before the Clubs open at 4 PM, parents can join their children in the Lego Center.

MSC Seaside Kids Clubs are on the 18th deck of the ship with easy access to elevators. The facilities are spacious, attractively decorated and furnished with age-appropriate toys, games, equipment, technology and furniture. The content offered in each Kids Club is creative, interesting and stimulating. Activities are a mixture of educational and recreational. The Teens Club is also located on the 18th floor. However, Teens Club cruisers also enjoy activities in the Disco, Deck 7, the Theatre, Decks 6 / 7, and the Sports Arena, Deck 20.

There are Five MSC Seaside Kids Clubs:

  • Baby Club – 1-3 yrs. Provides parents with two services: Baby Time gives parents dedicated areas for playing with their children. Baby Cares enables parents to leave their children in the care of Baby Club staff. Parents must register for this service. Since hours are subject to change, when you register, get a schedule.
  • MSC Seaside also offers a Baby Laundry Service, which is for all babies and toddlers, not just those in the Baby Club.
MSC Seaside Baby Room

Baby Club Room

  • Mini Club – 3-6 yrs. DO-RE-MI, the MSC Cruises’ mascot, plays an active role in activities for this age group including a pool parade, a family disco, a live talent show, and Doremi Studio.
  • Junior Club – 7-11 yrs. Club members participate in a variety of  sports, games, technology sessions, a live talent show, and Lego Experience Day. Juniors also attend theater performances and have dinner together in the Marketplace buffet.
  • Young Club – 12-14 yrs. Zorball, I-Pop competition and the Buzzer Game, movie quizzes, and  social events are just a few of the activities for this group.They attend Disco events, have dinner as a group, and attend the theatre.
  • Teen Club – 15-17 yrs. Senior teens play PS4 and X-Box and Nintendo, as well as Table Tennis and Fooseball. They participate in activities throughout the ship including social events in the Disco, theater events, and have dinner together.
Teens Dancing at MSC Seaside Kids Clubs

Teens Dancing at MSC Seaside Kids Clubs

Special Features of the MSC Seaside Kids Clubs

I met with the Kids Clubs supervisor, Maria Garcia, during my cruise. Ms. Garcia has several years experience working for MSC Cruises. Her staff are educated women and men with child care and recreation program experience. Staff speak English and one or more languages. This is a necessity, since there are six different language spoken on the ship.

I asked how the children spoke to one another. She shared that the staff assist with conversation between children. Ms. Garcia added that children quickly pick up enough words to carry on basic conversations, and friendships develop. She added that being in a Kids Club is a great way to meet children from around the world whose languages and customs are different than their own.

On the 5th night of the cruise, at Ms. Garcia’s invitation, I had the opportunity to watch young cruisers sing and dance for their parents and other guests. The happy looks on their faces, and the faces of their parents, beaming with pride, said it all!

Kids Clubs participants are welcome to have lunch with staff on port days rather than go ashore with their parents. They are also welcome to have dinner with staff when parents want to have dinner at one of the specialty restaurants. Both services are provided free of charge. For more about MSC Seaside features that the family can enjoy together read more
MSC Seaside Mini and Juniors Kids Clubs play with Legos

Family fun with LEGO® bricks and equipment

While your children are safe and enjoying the MSC Seaside Kids Clubs, it’s your time to enjoy what the Seaside has to offer. MSC Seaside staff and Kids Clubs staff take every precaution when caring for your children. Young cruisers attending the Kids Clubs wear a color-coded bracelet specific to their Kids Club for security purposes.

If you are thinking about a family cruise, please call me at 800-388-8781. I can answer questions about what MSC Seaside offers for every member of the family.



P.S. On the 25th of July, the third post in the MSC Seaside series will publish. It will feature the MSC Seaside Yacht Club.