Why are there so many cruise deals? In a word…competition. As a result of new cruise ships coming on line, supply now exceeds demand for passenger accommodations. Not only are there more new ships, in the past few years, most have a significantly larger passenger capacity. When more new cruise ships launch, over the next few years, passenger competition will be fierce.

While competition over passengers is the primary reason for so many cruise deals, some ships will have the advantage over others in a competition. Newer ships are resorts at sea. They offer impeccable service and pampering usually found in a 5 star hotel. Other new ships are amusement parks appealing, not only to families with children, but to the child in all of us. They offer race tracks for “go carts”, water slides, zip lines, Laser tag areas, and rope lines to name a few.

Cruise deals give would be cruisers the opportunity to enjoy a cruise for significantly less than the usual prices. Yet, cruisers can still expect and receive the same quality services, excellent food, entertainment and excursions. What follows is a sample ad for a 7 day cruise on the MSC Armonia out of Miami, Florida. It is just one of many offers at this time.

MSC cruise deal, Why are there so many cruise deals The MSC seven-day cruise to the Western Caribbean is less than the cost of  a 3-4 day cruise leaving Florida ports throughout the year. Inside cabins and  ocean views start at $ 199 pp. Balconies start at $399.

This cruise is just one of many cruise deals offers through the end of 2019, and those available in 2020. Several of the ocean going cruise ships are offering reduced fares and additional amenities at this time.  If you want to know what deals are available, on which ships, I can help you with that. Please call me at 800-388-8781.

The question, “Why are there so many cruise deals, is not what you should be asking, But rather, “What are the cruise deals, and can I take advantage of them?”

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