Cruise for Your Charity Log on Custom Cruise and Tax Deduction When you take a custom designed cruise with Cruise for your Charity; we will make a donation, in your name, to your favorite charity.

The donation, made in your name, can range from $150 to $1,300 and even higher. The amount of the donation is based  upon the length and  destination of the cruise.

It also takes into consideration the price of the cruise, the cruise line, and the stateroom you choose.  Amenities are also factored into the donation. There is one donation per stateroom. There is no preset donation schedule.

How Does the Custom Design Feature Work?

Each cruise booking is custom designed based upon your responses to our cruise questionnaire and follow-up conversations. A Sample Custom Cruise Package, is on the website. It is an example of a cruise package price with a donation.

The Program is open to residents of the United States wanting to cruise anywhere in the world. Cruise for Your Charity can develop value packages with most cruise lines. Cruise ships can vary in size from small, luxury ships to Mega ships that offer something for every age group.

You can assign your donation to a favorite charity when booking a cruise. To qualify for a donation a charity must be a nonsectarian and nonpolitical  501(C)3 organization.

A check is issued to a charity, in your name, one month following the cruise. You receive the tax deduction for the donation.

Your donations come from the Cruise for Your Charity advertising budget.

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If you want to discuss the Cruise for You Charity Program further, please call me at 212-710-2672. I am happy to answer any questions about how Cruise for Your Charity works. When you choose to move ahead with planning a cruise, complete and submit the cruise questionnaire on our website. I will call you to begin the planning process of designing a custom cruise for you.

I look forward to helping you enjoy a cruise of you choice, and  generating a donation for your favorite charity.

Please visit my cruise website, and begin to check out your cruise options in 2019 and 2020.

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