Why Are There So Many Cruise Deals?

Why are there so many cruise deals? In a word…competition. As a result of new cruise ships coming on line, supply now exceeds demand for passenger accommodations. Not only are there more new ships, in the past few years, most have a significantly larger passenger capacity. When more new cruise ships launch, over the next few years, passenger competition will be fierce.

While competition over passengers is the primary reason for so many cruise deals, some ships will have the advantage over others in a competition. Newer ships are resorts at sea. They offer impeccable service and pampering usually found in a 5 star hotel. Other new ships are amusement parks appealing, not only to families with children, but to the child in all of us. They offer race tracks for “go carts”, water slides, zip lines, Laser tag areas, and rope lines to name a few.

Cruise deals give would be cruisers the opportunity to enjoy a cruise for significantly less than the usual prices. Yet, cruisers can still expect and receive the same quality services, excellent food, entertainment and excursions. What follows is a sample ad for a 7 day cruise on the MSC Armonia out of Miami, Florida. It is just one of many offers at this time.

MSC cruise deal, Why are there so many cruise deals The MSC seven-day cruise to the Western Caribbean is less than the cost of  a 3-4 day cruise leaving Florida ports throughout the year. Inside cabins and  ocean views start at $ 199 pp. Balconies start at $399.

This cruise is just one of many cruise deals offers through the end of 2019, and those available in 2020. Several of the ocean going cruise ships are offering reduced fares and additional amenities at this time.  If you want to know what deals are available, on which ships, I can help you with that. Please call me at 800-388-8781.

The question, “Why are there so many cruise deals, is not what you should be asking, But rather, “What are the cruise deals, and can I take advantage of them?”

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24/7 Butler Service in the MSC Yacht Club

Please join me, on January 26, 2020, for a Cruise for Your Charity Accompanied Cruise! You will experience the luxury of 24/7 butler service in the MSC Yacht Club on the MSC Meraviglia.

We sail from Miami on a 7-day round trip cruise to the Western Caribbean. Our ports of call include: Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Mexico, and Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve. I will be on-board and available as your “go to person” throughout the trip.

The MSC Yacht Club Experience includes: 24/7 Butler and concierge services, unlimited beverages, a private dining room, lounge, pool, and sundeck.  Amenities Include: Internet service, a laundry package, a $200 per cabin on-board credit, trip insurance, taxes, fees, and port charges.

Starts at $ 2,436.00 pp.

Our Cruise for Your Charity Lifestyle Charitable Giving Program cabin donation to your charity, in your name, is $200. You receive the tax deduction for the donation.

MSC Yacht Club Dining Room, 24/7 butler service in MSC Yacht Club

My 24/7 Butler Service Experience in the MSC Yacht Club

Within an hour of boarding, I learned, first hand, why the Yacht Club is known for its outstanding personalized service. My luggage arrived at my stateroom several minutes after I did. My butler offered to help me unpack. When I opened my suitcase, I saw a week’s worth of  damp, wrinkled clothes that were once pressed and carefully packed. My luggage was in and out of heavy rains since leaving NYC. All I could think about was what would I wear until I could get my clothes clean again.

The butler gathered up my clothes and headed to the laundry. Three hours later, he returned all my clothing cleaned and pressed. I was not charged for this service. He got my trip off to the best possible start!

The MSC Yacht Clubs cater to guests wanting a luxury sanctuary, and the personalized services of an exclusive private club. A “Ship within a Ship,” the Yacht Clubs give guests the best of all possible worlds. Guests cruise in the elegant style of a luxury ship, and enjoy 24/7 concierge and butler services. Yet, they are only an elevator ride away from the activities, entertainment, and night life of the larger ship.

If you have questions about this accompanied cruise, please call me at 212-710-2662. If you want to begin the process of booking this cruise, please fill out the Cruise Questionnaire on the Cruise for Your Charity website at www.cruiseforyourcharity.com

Cruise for Your Charity’s Lifestyle Charitable Giving Program

Every time you book a cruise through Cruise for Your Charity, we make a donation to your special charity.  We make the donation in your name. Donation amounts range from $50 to $1,300+. Determining the amount of your donation has 3 factors. First is the type of cruise, whether it is a standard cruise, custom cruise, or an accompanied cruise. The second factor includes the cruise line and stateroom  selected, as well as the length of the cruise. Other considerations include the time of the year of the cruise, destination, amenities and excursions selected. The third factor is the number of booked staterooms. All cruise packages include taxes, port charge, fees and trip insurance.

Donations come from our advertising budget. It is our business decision to donate to charities through their donors who have a cruise lifestyle, rather than do large advertising campaigns.

Cruise Lifestyle Charitable Giving can add meaning and pleasure to your cruise vacation knowing that you are helping people served by your special charity.

I hope to see you in the MSC Yacht Club in January!




Cruise for Your Charity Accompanied Cruises

Cruise For Your Charity Accompanied Cruises begin in January 2020! I’m on each of the cruises as the “go to” person for questions, and assistance on-board. I bring the insights of a cruise travel advisor with the experience of over 50+ cruises. In addition, I have  35 years in the health and human services professions. And, I am also a Certified Accessible Travel Advocate.  John Diczok, my partner in Cruise for Your Charity, will also be available to assist cruisers throughout each trip. John Diczok has traveled for business and pleasure both domestically and internationally. His financial services background includes both IRS and New York State income tax certifications plus other financial licenses.

Cruise for Your Charity Accompanied Cruises offer:

  • The personal features of a custom designed cruise package.
  • The financial and social benefits of a group package.
  • The companionship of others in the group.
  • Daily social meet ups.
  • Access to cruise ship activities for solo travelers and singles as well as couples..
  • The opportunity to cruise your way. But, also have companionship at meals and recreational activities.
  • The comfort of knowing you have seasoned professionals on-board that you can call upon as needed.
  • A donation, in your name, will be made to your favorite charity.

The donation, made in your name, can range from $150 to $1,300 and even higher. The amount of the donation is based upon the length, destination, and price of the cruise. Also, the  cruise line, the stateroom you choose, and your amenities are a consideration when determining the donation.  There is one donation per stateroom. There is no preset donation schedule. A check is issued to a charity, in your name, one month following the cruise.

Donations come from our advertising budget. It is our business decision to donate to charities through their donors who have a cruise lifestyle rather than do large advertising campaigns.

Cruise for Your Charity Accompanied Cruises in 2020:


January 26, 2020   7-Night Western Caribbean MSC Meraviglia Yacht Club  Starting at $2,436 pp

Jamaica,  Cayman Islands,  Mexico,  Ocean Cay  MSC Marine Reserve

MSC-Yacht-Club-Restaurant-and-Lounge on Cruise for Your Charity Accompanied Cruises


Leave Miami on a 7-day round trip cruise in the exclusive Yacht Club of the MSC Meraviglia. A ship within a ship, the Yacht Club Caribbean experience  offers: Butler service, unlimited beverages, a private dining room, lounge, pool and sundeck. Amenities Include: Internet service, laundry package, $200 per cabin on-board credit, trip insurance, taxes, fees, and port charges. Our Cabin Donation to Your Special Charity: $200


April 19,2020   26-Night British Isles Regal Princess  Balcony  Starting at $6,877 pp

7 Countries: Portugal, Spain, Belgium, England, Channel Islands, Ireland, Northern Island, Scotland and France.

Scottish Castle and Bagpiper


Leave Fort Lauderdale and return from home from Paris. Transatlantic Cruise Amenities Include: Gratuities, airport transfers,$400 per cabin on-board credit, one photo or photo credit-no cash(one per cabin) excludes Platinum Studio, one bottle of wine per cabin, Princess travel mugs, 2 per cabin,, trip insurance, taxes, fees, and port charges. Our Cabin Donation to Your Special Charity: $500


July 31, 2020   21-Night Northern Lights Route  Queen Mary 2-Balcony  Starting at: $ 6,626 pp

Nova Scotia,  Newfoundland,  Iceland,  Scotland,  England, USA

Northern-Lights-above-Reykjavik-Iceland, Queen Mary 2 Northern Lights Route cruise


Leave from and return to New York City on this 21 day Northern Lights Route Cruise. Amenities Include: Gratuities, 2 Verandah restaurant dinner cover charges per person,  240 minutes of Internet access per person, a $250 per person on-board credit,
a bathrobe and Cunard travel mug per person (2 per cabin), 8 x 10 photo (one per cabin) trip insurance,taxes, fees, and port charges. Our Cabin donation to Your Special Charity: $500.

Please call me at 212-710-2662 or email me at jean@cruiseforyourcharity.com and learn more about our Cruise for Your Charity Accompanied Cruises. Check out my post on July 22nd when I publish the schedule for my Cruise for Charity Luncheon Series. Luncheons will be small gatherings in NYC and Miami from September through January 2020.  Luncheons focus on the custom designed accompanied cruise experience for couples, singles and solo travelers.

I’ve cruised in the MSC Yacht Club, sailed to Europe on Regal Princess, and crossed the Atlantic on Queen Mary 2. Each is a Resort at Sea!


Cruise Value vs Cruise Price

Understanding Cruise Value vs Cruise Price will help you choose a cruise that meets your needs, interests and your cruise budget. Value is subjective and reflects our personal feelings, opinions and expectations. It varies from person to person.  It helps us determine if we are getting the best overall cruise experience for our money.

There are two components to cruise price. The first is the published fare that generally states, “Fares start at.”  Additional taxes, port fees and other charges may or may not be listed or included. The second component is the unlisted, hidden or back end charges. These are the components that will impact the total cruise price. Most of all, they not only affect the cruise value but your subjective favorable impression of the cruise experience.

Cruise Value vs Cruise Price: An Example of  Cruise Pricing’s Two Components

Let’s review Oceania’s Insignia July 11, 2019 sailing from Miami, FL.

Cruise Value vs Cruise Price, Oceania pricing for June

Cruise value vs cruise price, Oceania pricing for July 2019

 Oceania C, cruise value vs cruise pricing

A lowest price only person would select the G-Inside Stateroom at $849.

Delta Air Lines’ main cabin round trip air fare from New York to Miami is $368 plus baggage fees of $70 each way for 2 bags for a total of $508.

The cruise only fare plus the Delta air fare total $1,357

The basic Oceania fare for both examples include all non-alcoholic beverages, specialty restaurant dining, taxes, fees and port charges. The O Life package includes air fare, free Internet and we selected the $400 On Board Credit. The total cost $1,349.

Besides Price, What Gives a Cruise Value? 

To begin with, your cabin, its square footage, location on the ship, and cabin amenities, can increase  your enjoyment and add to the value of  your cruise. Not all cabins, in every category, are created equal. Some are next to an elevator, or under a lounge with live music.

A cruise catering to people in your age group will have activities and entertainment and destinations that suit your interests. A varied selection of food offerings, in different food venues, greatly increases the value of your cruise.

Picking a cruise based on the value of what it offers will often cost less than choosing one based on price alone. Why? Because value filled cruises include amenities in the cost of the cruise. When amenities such as beverage packages, laundry services, specialty dining, and internet service, are purchased separately on-board, they can add a significant charge to the original low cost of a cruise.

Cruise value packages often include other amenities such as free gratuities, and on-board credit.  Low end priced cruises do not include gratuities in the price of the cruise. They also do not offer on-board credit in the cost of the cruise.

Jean Campbellimage, cruise value vs, cruise price

Please call me at 800-388-8781 to learn more about our custom designed, individual cruises and the accompanied cruises I will host in 2020.

Financial Source Information John Diczok, BA, MBA – Fordham University, Financial Planning – Oglethorpe University,  FINRA Licenses Series 7, 9, 10, 24, 31, 63, 65; Georgia Insurance license, IRS and NYS Tax Certifications