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Cruise for Your Charity (CFYC) combines Lifestyle with Charitable Giving™. CFYC is a boutique cruise travel business in its second year of operation.

Our Cruise Lifestyle Charitable Giving Program helps nonprofit organizations optimize charitable giving among donors who enjoy cruising. We make a donation of $50 to $1,300+ to a donor’s charity when the donor completes a cruise booked through us. Depending upon the charity’s charter or by-laws, the donor may receive a tribute letter or a tax deductible donation receipt. There is one donation per stateroom. CFYC mails donations one month after donors complete their cruises. This program is a year-round offering.

Factors that Determine the Amount of a Donation

We base the donation amount upon the price of the cruise, the cruise line, and the stateroom selected by the cruiser. Determining the amount has 3 factors. The first factor is the cruise. CFYC offers three types of cruises:

  • A Standard Cruise is the advertised published fare offered by a cruise line. All cruise lines have certain common characteristics. They offer convenience, service, efficiency, comfort, entertainment, restaurants, and a variety of destinations for one fare.
  • Custom Designed Cruise Packages are for cruisers who want amenities that will enhance their individual cruise experience. Designing a custom cruise package is a two-step process.  Initially, the cruiser will fill out a questionnaire on his or her interests and needs. Then, I will call to review the questionnaire. We will have the necessary follow-up conversations to develop a customized cruise package. The questionnaire is on
  • Accompanied Cruises combine the features of custom-designed cruise packages with the financial and social benefits of a group package. In addition, I’m on each of the accompanied cruises as the “go to” person for questions and help on-board. Accompanied Cruises are on cruise ships that cater to solo travelers, singles, and couples. They give cruisers the opportunity to cruise their way. In addition, cruisers, especially solo travelers and singles, have companionship at meals and recreational activities.

The second factor includes the cruise line selected, the stateroom, the length of the cruise, and the time of the year. Also considered are the destinations, amenities and destination excursions. The third factor is the number of booked staterooms. All cruise packages include taxes, port charges, fees and trip insurance.

We can develop value packages with most cruise lines. Cruise ships can vary in size from small, luxury ships to mega ships that offer something for every age group.

Who Can Take Part in the CFYC Cruise Lifestyle Charitable Giving Program?

  • Individuals who are U. S residents and wish to donate to their favorite charity can cruise anywhere in the world through CFYC. Cruisers can assign their donations to their favorite charities at the time they book their cruises. To qualify for a donation, a charity must be a nonsectarian and nonpolitical 501(C) 3 organization.
  • Charities with donors that have a cruise lifestyle, and are nonsectarian and nonpolitical 501(C)3 organizations, may qualify for partnering with us.

Donations come from our advertising budget. Our business decision is to donate to charities through their donors who cruise rather than conduct advertising campaigns.

If you have questions about the CFYC Cruise Lifestyle Charitable Giving Program, please call me at 212-710-2662. To book a cruise, please begin by filling out the Cruise Questionnaire on the Cruise for Your Charity website at

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24/7 Butler Service in the MSC Yacht Club

Please join me, on January 26, 2020, for a Cruise for Your Charity Accompanied Cruise! You will experience the luxury of 24/7 butler service in the MSC Yacht Club on the MSC Meraviglia.

We sail from Miami on a 7-day round trip cruise to the Western Caribbean. Our ports of call include: Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Mexico, and Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve. I will be on-board and available as your “go to person” throughout the trip.

The MSC Yacht Club Experience includes: 24/7 Butler and concierge services, unlimited beverages, a private dining room, lounge, pool, and sundeck.  Amenities Include: Internet service, a laundry package, a $200 per cabin on-board credit, trip insurance, taxes, fees, and port charges.

Starts at $ 2,436.00 pp.

Our Cruise for Your Charity Lifestyle Charitable Giving Program cabin donation to your charity, in your name, is $200. You receive the tax deduction for the donation.

MSC Yacht Club Dining Room, 24/7 butler service in MSC Yacht Club

My 24/7 Butler Service Experience in the MSC Yacht Club

Within an hour of boarding, I learned, first hand, why the Yacht Club is known for its outstanding personalized service. My luggage arrived at my stateroom several minutes after I did. My butler offered to help me unpack. When I opened my suitcase, I saw a week’s worth of  damp, wrinkled clothes that were once pressed and carefully packed. My luggage was in and out of heavy rains since leaving NYC. All I could think about was what would I wear until I could get my clothes clean again.

The butler gathered up my clothes and headed to the laundry. Three hours later, he returned all my clothing cleaned and pressed. I was not charged for this service. He got my trip off to the best possible start!

The MSC Yacht Clubs cater to guests wanting a luxury sanctuary, and the personalized services of an exclusive private club. A “Ship within a Ship,” the Yacht Clubs give guests the best of all possible worlds. Guests cruise in the elegant style of a luxury ship, and enjoy 24/7 concierge and butler services. Yet, they are only an elevator ride away from the activities, entertainment, and night life of the larger ship.

If you have questions about this accompanied cruise, please call me at 212-710-2662. If you want to begin the process of booking this cruise, please fill out the Cruise Questionnaire on the Cruise for Your Charity website at

Cruise for Your Charity’s Lifestyle Charitable Giving Program

Every time you book a cruise through Cruise for Your Charity, we make a donation to your special charity.  We make the donation in your name. Donation amounts range from $50 to $1,300+. Determining the amount of your donation has 3 factors. First is the type of cruise, whether it is a standard cruise, custom cruise, or an accompanied cruise. The second factor includes the cruise line and stateroom  selected, as well as the length of the cruise. Other considerations include the time of the year of the cruise, destination, amenities and excursions selected. The third factor is the number of booked staterooms. All cruise packages include taxes, port charge, fees and trip insurance.

Donations come from our advertising budget. It is our business decision to donate to charities through their donors who have a cruise lifestyle, rather than do large advertising campaigns.

Cruise Lifestyle Charitable Giving can add meaning and pleasure to your cruise vacation knowing that you are helping people served by your special charity.

I hope to see you in the MSC Yacht Club in January!