MSC Caribbean Cruise Deals for 2020


MSC Cruise Deals for 2020

MSC Caribbean Cruise Deals for 2020 are available now! They are getting a jump on the 2020 cruise season with the All IN PLUS Deal. You can book a cruise now through March 31, 2020 and enjoy seven days in the warm Caribbean. Because your amenities will include free drinks, Wi-Fi, and an on-board credit, they are a savings of up to $689. In addition, prices start at $399 pp for 7-night Caribbean cruise in an inside stateroom. Book now you and you will get the reduced deposit rate of $99 pp.

About MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises is the world’s largest privately-owned cruise line and brand market leader in Europe, South America and southern Africa. Their ships sail year-round in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.  And seasonal itineraries include Northern Europe, the Atlantic Ocean, South Americasouthern AfricaChinaDubai, Abu Dhabi and India.

MSC Caribbean Cruise Deals for 2020 Destination and Ships

Cruisers have a choice of cruising  to the eastern Caribbean, the Southern Caribbean or the Western Caribbean.

MSC Ships participating in MSC Caribbean Cruise Deals for 2020

Five MSC ships cruise regularly to the Caribbean. Most of the ships leave from and return to Florida ports. Select each ship below and be connected to a visual of the ship, and view a virtual cruise of each ship. You will also find information on the size of each ship and its passenger capacity.

 MSC Armonia          MSC Divinia          MSC Meraviglia         MSC Seaside         MSC Splendida

If you have questions, or want to book a MSC Caribbean All IN PLUS cruise, please call me at  800-388-8781. When you book your  cruise through my cruise company, Cruise for Your Charity, a donation will be made to your favorite charity.The donation will be made in your name. Your donation can range from $50 to $1,300+. The size of the donation is based upon the length of the cruise, the destination, and the cruise line. Also, the price of the cruise, the state room, and amenities in the cruise package are factored into the donation amount.

Cruise for your Charity makes a donation to a donor’s charity when the donor completes a cruise through us. Depending upon the charity’s charter or by-laws, the donor may receive a tribute letter or a tax deductible donation receipt. There is one donation per stateroom. CFYC mails donations one month after donors complete their cruises.

I have cruised the Caribbean on several occasions, most recently on the MSC Seaside. It was a great way to shake the post holiday blues!

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MSC Seaside Yacht Club, a Luxury Sanctuary

MSC Seaside Yacht Club Grand Suite

The Grand Suite, MSC Seaside Yacht Club

As a passenger in the MSC Seaside Yacht Club,  I had priority boarding on the MSC Seaside. When I entered the cruise terminal, my luggage was tagged for delivery to my suite. A butler escorted me to the reception area for Yacht Club guests. As I waited to finish the embarkation process, I got to meet and socialize with other Yacht Club passengers. While we waited, we were served refreshments.

Within an hour of boarding the Seaside, I learned, first hand, why the Yacht Club is known for its outstanding personalized service. My luggage arrived at my door just several minutes after I did. It was accompanied by a butler who offered to help me unpack. When I opened my suitcase, I saw a week’s worth of  damp, wrinkled clothes that were once pressed and carefully packed. My luggage had been in and out of heavy rains since leaving  NYC. All I could think about was what was I going to wear until my clothes came back from the laundry service.

The butler gathered up my clothes and headed to the laundry. Three hours later, he returned all my clothing cleaned and pressed. He got my trip off to the best possible start!

The MSC Seaside Yacht Club caters to guests wanting a luxury sanctuary and the personalized services of an exclusive private club. A “Ship within a Ship,” the Seaside Yacht Club gives guests the best of all possible worlds. Guests cruise in the elegant style of a luxury ship, and enjoy 24/7 concierge and butler services. Yet, they are only an elevator ride away from the activities, entertainment, and night life of the MSC Seaside.

One of Several Types of MSC Seaside Yacht Club Suites

The Yacht Club is located in the front of the ship, on decks 16, 18 and 19. Suites are located on decks 16 and 18. There are 86 suites including: Inside, Balcony, Family, Deluxe two bedroom, and Accessible suites. They are beautifully furnished and comfortable. Marble bathrooms are spacious, and have glass enclosed showers, as well as generous counter space areas for personal care items. Every suite has a flat  screen television, a refrigerator stocked with complimentary beverages, a safe, closets and cabinets.

Each day, fresh fruit, bottled water, and refrigerated beverages are replenished in every suite. Room service is complimentary. All beverages, including alcoholic beverages, are complimentary to guests sailing in the MSC Seaside Yacht Club.

MSC Seaside Yacht Club Lounge

The MSC Seaside Yacht Club Top Sail Lounge and overhang of the dining room

The Top Sail Lounge, on deck 16, and the dining room on deck 18, give guests a panoramic, floor to ceiling, view of the ocean. While dining, guests see what the crew sees from the bridge.

The Yacht Club private dining room extends out over part of the Top Sail Lounge below. During my cruise, a piano and violin duo played softly enough not to interfere with guest conversations. They played waltzes and show tunes, which were a great backdrop for guests gathering in the lounge, and during dinner.

The MSC Seaside Yacht Club Entertainers

The MSC Seaside Yacht Club Entertainers

The dining room is a lovely setting with comfortable chairs and a spectacular view. Menus offer a variety of choices, food is prepared to order and very enjoyable. Dining room staff are friendly and sensitive to the needs of guests on special diets.

I’m a dessert person. Desserts were attractive to look at and delicious to eat. I could not get enough of the rich chocolate Gelato.

Features of the MSC Seaside Yacht Club

  • The One Pool Deck is reserved for Yacht Club guests only. It includes a swimming pool, whirlpool baths, sun deck and bar. Having breakfast on this deck is a great way to start the day!
  • The MSC Aurea Spa offers health and beauty treatments,  Aromatherapy and Balinese massages. All guests of the Seaside Yacht Club, have complimentary access to the Thermal Area in the MSC Aurea Spa where  the massage and treatment rooms are located.
  • Special Shopping Services give guests the opportunity to enjoy private, after hours, shopping in the on-board boutiques, accompanied by their butlers.
  • Toiletries in each suite are complimentary
  • Complimentary Beverage Selection in all on board bars and restaurants
  • Priority Access on Tenders
  • Complimentary Wristband that takes the place of a suite key card. It can be used when making purchases in on board boutiques, making reservations for the theater, and dining in specialty restaurants.

I can not say enough good things about the level of service in the Yacht Club. There are 60+ dedicated staff to serve the guests in 86 suites. Below are just a few of the staff who made my trip memorable!

MSC Seaside Yacht Club Executive Chefs and Maitre d'

MSC Seaside Yacht Club Executive Chefs and Maitre d’

MSC Seaside Yacht Club Butlers

MSC Seaside Yacht Club Butlers

MSC Seaside Yacht Club Executive Chefs and Staff

MSC Seaside Yacht Club Executive Chefs and Staff











The MSC Seaside Yacht Club has all you could want in a luxury vacation at sea!

If you are thinking about taking a cruise to the Caribbean, the MSC Seaside Yacht Club is a wonderful way to get there!






MSC Seaside Kids Clubs Get an A+


A performance by MSC Seaside Kids Clubs Cruisers

The MSC Seaside is a family friendly and kid friendly cruise ship. The Seaside offers families, with young children and teens, state of the art recreational facilities throughout the ship. Additionally, cruisers 3-17 years have the option to join in the daily activities offered in the MSC Seaside Kids Clubs.

The MSC Seaside Kids Clubs are complementary recreation programs for young cruisers. Every day your children can join their new friends in one of the age-appropriate Kids Clubs. Each day there are new activities including, but not limited to, arts and crafts, sports, games, theater and technology, ship and pool parades and socializing with new friends.

Kids Clubs for children 3-11 open at 9 AM daily, and close at 11 PM. Clubs for 12-17 open at 10 AM and also close at 11 PM. The clubs are closed from 1-4 PM for children to join their parents for lunch and family activities, and again from 6 to 8 PM for dinner with family. You can come together as a family to share activities outside the Clubs, such as water slides, swimming, and bowling to name a few. After lunch, and before the Clubs open at 4 PM, parents can join their children in the Lego Center.

MSC Seaside Kids Clubs are on the 18th deck of the ship with easy access to elevators. The facilities are spacious, attractively decorated and furnished with age-appropriate toys, games, equipment, technology and furniture. The content offered in each Kids Club is creative, interesting and stimulating. Activities are a mixture of educational and recreational. The Teens Club is also located on the 18th floor. However, Teens Club cruisers also enjoy activities in the Disco, Deck 7, the Theatre, Decks 6 / 7, and the Sports Arena, Deck 20.

There are Five MSC Seaside Kids Clubs:

  • Baby Club – 1-3 yrs. Provides parents with two services: Baby Time gives parents dedicated areas for playing with their children. Baby Cares enables parents to leave their children in the care of Baby Club staff. Parents must register for this service. Since hours are subject to change, when you register, get a schedule.
  • MSC Seaside also offers a Baby Laundry Service, which is for all babies and toddlers, not just those in the Baby Club.
MSC Seaside Baby Room

Baby Club Room

  • Mini Club – 3-6 yrs. DO-RE-MI, the MSC Cruises’ mascot, plays an active role in activities for this age group including a pool parade, a family disco, a live talent show, and Doremi Studio.
  • Junior Club – 7-11 yrs. Club members participate in a variety of  sports, games, technology sessions, a live talent show, and Lego Experience Day. Juniors also attend theater performances and have dinner together in the Marketplace buffet.
  • Young Club – 12-14 yrs. Zorball, I-Pop competition and the Buzzer Game, movie quizzes, and  social events are just a few of the activities for this group.They attend Disco events, have dinner as a group, and attend the theatre.
  • Teen Club – 15-17 yrs. Senior teens play PS4 and X-Box and Nintendo, as well as Table Tennis and Fooseball. They participate in activities throughout the ship including social events in the Disco, theater events, and have dinner together.
Teens Dancing at MSC Seaside Kids Clubs

Teens Dancing at MSC Seaside Kids Clubs

Special Features of the MSC Seaside Kids Clubs

I met with the Kids Clubs supervisor, Maria Garcia, during my cruise. Ms. Garcia has several years experience working for MSC Cruises. Her staff are educated women and men with child care and recreation program experience. Staff speak English and one or more languages. This is a necessity, since there are six different language spoken on the ship.

I asked how the children spoke to one another. She shared that the staff assist with conversation between children. Ms. Garcia added that children quickly pick up enough words to carry on basic conversations, and friendships develop. She added that being in a Kids Club is a great way to meet children from around the world whose languages and customs are different than their own.

On the 5th night of the cruise, at Ms. Garcia’s invitation, I had the opportunity to watch young cruisers sing and dance for their parents and other guests. The happy looks on their faces, and the faces of their parents, beaming with pride, said it all!

Kids Clubs participants are welcome to have lunch with staff on port days rather than go ashore with their parents. They are also welcome to have dinner with staff when parents want to have dinner at one of the specialty restaurants. Both services are provided free of charge. For more about MSC Seaside features that the family can enjoy together read more
MSC Seaside Mini and Juniors Kids Clubs play with Legos

Family fun with LEGO® bricks and equipment

While your children are safe and enjoying the MSC Seaside Kids Clubs, it’s your time to enjoy what the Seaside has to offer. MSC Seaside staff and Kids Clubs staff take every precaution when caring for your children. Young cruisers attending the Kids Clubs wear a color-coded bracelet specific to their Kids Club for security purposes.

If you are thinking about a family cruise, please call me at 800-388-8781. I can answer questions about what MSC Seaside offers for every member of the family.



P.S. On the 25th of July, the third post in the MSC Seaside series will publish. It will feature the MSC Seaside Yacht Club.

The MSC Seaside is a Resort at Sea

The MSC Seaside resort experience begins when you board the ship. It continues as you explore and enjoy the beautiful environment that is yours during your cruise.

Recently,  I took a seven day cruise on the MSC Seaside from the port of Miami.

No blog post can do justice to the variety of features, amenities, activities, entertainment options, and dining venues offered on the Seaside. What follows is a virtual tour of the MSC Seaside. Its unique exterior design and creative use of inside space have to be seen to be appreciated.


The MSC Seaside is a Mega Ship

Now in its first year of service, the MSC Seaside was built for a North American market. Europeans, interested in a cruise vacation to the Caribbean, also make the trip to Miami to sail on the Seaside.

The Seaside has 2,067 staterooms (cabins), including Inside, Oceanview, Balcony and Suite.The ship is fully accessible for persons with special needs. There are 53 accessible cabins for persons with mobility impairments, and/or those with hearing and sight impairments.

The Yacht Club, is “A Ship within a Ship.” A private, luxury sanctuary, it occupies upper decks in the front of the ship. The Yacht Club provides guests with the comfort and services of an exclusive club. The Yacht Club has 86 suites, of various sizes, as well as a lounge, dining room, pool, and a deck and grill area. There is concierge service, and 24 hour butler service. While private, and with key only access, it’s just an elevator ride from activities throughout the rest of the ship.

The third post in this series, publishing on July 24th, will feature the full experience of cruising in the Yacht Club.

A Ship  for All Ages

Activities, entertainment, and dining options reflect the interests and needs of the youngest guests to the most senior guests. Couples, families, single parents with children, solo travelers, seniors and persons with special needs can all find things to enjoy.

During my cruise, there were over 700 children aboard, many of whom participated in the complimentary youth programs, held each day. The second post of this 3-post series, publishing July 17th, details these youth programs, and their indoor and outdoor facilities.

Seaside Dining

There are two complimentary full service dining rooms. The variety of choices, the quality of the food, and its preparation make dining a pleasure. The two complimentary buffets, most ships have only 1 buffet, offer a selection of American and International foods. The pizza is the best I ever had on any cruise ship!

There are four specialty restaurants: Butcher Cut, Asian Market Kitchen, Ocean Cay, and Bistrot La Boheme.  Reservation are required, and prices vary from restaurant to restaurant. Guests who select a dining package, when they book their cruise, can choose from a prefixed menu for each restaurant.

Wherever you choose to eat, leave room for dessert. All are delicious, especially my favorite, Chocolate Gelato, the deepest flavored, creamiest Gelato I have ever eaten! If you don’t have it with your meal, you will find it in Venchi 1878 Gelato & Crêperie on the 7th deck.

Image of Bistrot la Boheme on MSC Seaside

Activities and Entertainment

Activities are held all over the ship, and in its many outdoor spaces. Organized activities are scheduled throughout the day, beginning in the early AM, and going to the late evening. If you prefer to make your own fun, the features and facilities of the ship are open to you. Each evening, a Daily Planner will be left in your room with information about the following day’s activities and entertainment.

The Seaside offers quality entertainment. Shows in the Metropolitan Theatre are Broadway style and quality, and have an international appeal. The costumes, music, scenery, and the singers and dancers remind me of Broadway musicals. In addition, there are comedy performances, and magicians, as well as game shows. Throughout the ship, including poolside, there are live music venues including: Latin, country, jazz, classical, and folk.

Service on the MSC Seaside

Service begins in the MSC Seaside terminal on the day you begin your cruise. Staff are there to guide you through the process of going through security, and getting on to the ship. Once on-board, staff are are available and ready to help when you need assistance.

I found the service staff and other members of the crew to be friendly and helpful. Wait staff made a point of asking about food allergies and food preferences. It was especially nice to see and be greeted by the Captain (Ship’s Master) as he walked around the ship.

Ship technologies also provide a service. For example, the MSC and Me Touchpoints, which are throughout  the ship, enable guests to navigate the ship with ease.  It can also be used to make reservations for meals, the spa, and excursions.

Special Features of the MSC Seaside

  • An Interactive Aqua Park gives guests the experience of a water slide and interactive video game all-in one.
  • Outdoor Catwalks, with glass floors that extend beyond the edge of the ship, give the illusion of walking on water.
  • The Largest Balinese Spa at Sea offers massages, treatments, a state-of the-art-gym, personal trainers and Yoga instructors.
  • The MSC Seaside’s Two Longest Cruise Zip Lines (345 ft.) soar 50 ft. above the ship and travel at a speed of 18 mph.
  • A Full size two-lane bowling alley
  • A Formula One Car Simulator
  • A 5D Cinema gives users the opportunity to feel that they are in the games they are playing
  • Complimentary MSC for Me Wristbands make access to cabins easier than using a key card and allow for hands-free purchasing in shops, and other areas on-board.
  • MSC for Me App enables parents to keep track of their child’s  location when he or she is wearing the wristband. Children’s wristbands are color coded according to their level in the kids club.
  • On-board Packaged WIFI uses bandwidth rather than minutes for pricing. During the seven days I was on-board, I paid significantly less for Internet access and speed was faster.

If you are thinking about a Caribbean cruise, think MSC Seaside!

I can help you plan and book a cruise on the MSC Seaside. Just call me at 800-388-8781. My services are complimentary.

The MSC Seaside series continues on July 17th with Youth Programs and Facilities